Published research

Here is a collection of links to other useful resources, including some of my own research.

First of all, a paper titled “The Somes Family and Fulham Road”, published on This paper relates the development of the Somes family’s pawnbroking and jewellery businesses in London, from the early 19th century onwards. Some of the information is now superseded by fresh research, but the story remains essentially the same:
The Somes Family and Fulham Road

Next is a history of my great-grandfather Theo Osborn Smith, boatbuilder, designer, inventor, and all-round polymath. The tale starts with his grandfather, John Smith, born in the village of Arlingham, on the banks of the Severn, and follows the family’s progress through Oxford, Fawley, and the Isle of Wight:
Dear Papa: a History of Theo Smith